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10th January
written by Steph
Here is a new feature we are thinking of including regularly on our site: a short(ish) podcast in which Tony and I recap the movies we watched during the past week. What are you in for?  Well, we cover the following four movies: Other bonuses:
  • Hear us bicker... about several things, but mostly about whether "Jim from The Office" is really called James Krasinski
  • We insult Twilight... again
  • Is Henry Tilney gay?  Find out our final take!
  • We outline one of the major pitfalls screenwriters grapple with when penning prequels
  • Finally hear our crazy accents!
Click the play button below and take a listen and let us know what you think!  If people enjoy this, we're open to doing it again... Is that a threat or a promise?  Only you can say! [NB: When we talk about Northanger Abbey being a 1986 production... well, Steph should have checked IMDB and not trusted Tony, because this was NOT an '80s production, but rather one from 2007...]

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