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19th September
written by Steph

It's a scarf! And I made it!

If updates here at S&TI! have been less than fast and furious over the past week or so, I apologize but I've had a new obsession take center stage. After finishing Scarlett Thomas's Our Tragic Universe (review to come very soon), I was struck by the undeniable urge to knit (the link isn't as tenuous as it might seem, but I'll get into that more when I talk about the book proper)... something I haven't done in, oh, 15 years or so. What this meant is that I had to go out and ransack the local Michael's store to buy some supplies and also spend many hours on Youtube watching knitting tutorials, because I was damned if I could remember how to do anything other than pluck my wool from the middle of the ball rather than the outside. After many hours getting tangled up and making knots worthy of boy scouts but not necessarily helpful in terms of the art of knitting, I finally began to make steady progress on a basic K2P2 ribbed scarf design. I dedicated my first project to Tony, and because he has such a freakishly long torso, it meant it took me a while to reach the 68" desired for comfortable scarf length. At times this task became tedious as the pattern is anything but challenging (it looks impressive though, right?), but I'm so happy with the outcome! It doesn't look like those lumpy, shapeless messes I so often associate with home knitting. It's not perfect by any means, but for a first effort, I'm pretty ecstatic with it. Reading is my first love when it comes to hobbies, but I must say that it's awfully rewarding to create something with my own hands. Something other than meals, that is (since Tony is always reminding me that I'm plenty creative and productive in the kitchen)!

Tony wearing my first scarf!

Emmy Lou happens to think the scarf belongs to her...

Rory didn't much care to wear the scarf, but we forced him to take part in family scarf time...

I've already set to work on my next scarf - this time with a cable knit pattern, because I'm all about upping the ante and challenging myself. My goal is to eventually get to the stage where I can make some of the drool-worthy sweaters I've been seeing in Vogue Knitting, but until then I figure I might as well try to teach myself something new on every project, hence tackling cables on my next scarf. I completed 16 rows last night, and it's actually looking like, well, a cable-knit scarf!  Huzzah! If you're interested, you can follow my progress on this next endeavor (and get a sneak peak at it) on my Ravelry project page.