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12th January
written by Tony
That's pretty funny, Wesley.

That's pretty funny, Wesley.

Last week I watched season one of Clone High. It was not  a mistake, Wesley (see, you have to be cool to get that joke!). This little gem has been kicking around our apartment for quite some time now, so at Steph’s suggestion I decided to give it a whirl. Why this show only made it through one season is a mystery to me. I suppose, like all truly funny shows, it was destined to fail. I mean, look at Arrested Development. That show was pure brilliance, and yet it didn’t make it. I suppose Family Guy did get a reprieve, but there are a lot of people (Steph) who will tell you it isn’t, and never was, funny, and I’ll admit that the new episodes are a bit self indulgent. So I guess my theory holds – anything that is actually funny does not survive in this world. (more…)