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25th May
written by Steph
Shocking to see a new installment of What We Watched up so soon, but we watched a freakish amount of movies in the past week and, for better or for worse, we just had to blab about them. Featured this time:
  • Tony reveals a crush while we talk about The Girl in the Cafe... and it's not on a girl!
  • Yes, Fantastic Mr. Fox is pretty fantastic!
  • Generally time-lapse photography is meant to speed things up, but we talk about how it seems to slow things down in Chronos
  • Michael Douglas may be the King of California, but he's also pretty creepy... and maybe that's a good thing?
  • Steph insults Asians everywhere (and Tony) while discussing facial hair and Infernal Affairs
  • We rag on Gwyneth Paltrow so bad while talking about Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow that she may have to whine on Goop about us
Added bonus: despite talking about two more films than we usually do, we still manage to do it in the same amount of time as our other podcasts!  Brevity is clearly the soul of wit!

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8th April
written by Steph

When this movie first came out, I distinctly recall it being billed as an indie comedy of sorts.  Not your slapstick Judd Apatow humor, but something a bit more wry and erudite.  Either I am misremembering this appraisal, or else the publicity people got it wrong, because while The Squid & The Whale has a few instances of biting humor, it’s really not a funny movie.  Given that it revolves around the dissolution of a marriage between two writers living in Brooklyn and how this, as well as their insane battle to share their children equally, affects their two sons, you can see how this movie might be of a more serious and somber tone.  In fact, it’s pretty depressing. (more…)