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12th July
written by Steph
Once more I find myself in the position of needing to apologize for the lack of updates here at S&TI! It's not for lack of love, I assure, you, but as there is no rest for the wicked, Tony and I have found ourselves quite busy little bees of late. Grad students don't really get a summer break, and I've been furiously attempting to collect data for the first of three studies that will comprise my dissertation... Being deep in the data zone means that I've had little time for reading or writing apart from that which pertains to school. When Tony and I have found ourselves with a bit of spare time, I admit it hasn't been spent on the computer. Including this past Sunday when we celebrated our two year wedding anniversary! Can you believe I've been an honest woman for two whole years?!? Time has flown by oh so quickly.

This photo was taken prior to us going out for a celebratory meal. We decided to ring in two years of connubial bliss by stuffing ourselves silly at a Brazillian steakhouse... After all, I like to say that nothing says love and romance like the meat sweats! We decided that we wouldn't do anything crazy in terms of exchanging gifts, though in the spirit of the second wedding anniversary which suggests a gift of cotton, we finally got a new duvet set for the bedroom. We then proceeded to spend post-dinner lying on our new sheets groaning and trying to move as little as possible in order to let our stomachs deal with the huge amount of protein we had consumed. Like I said, it must be love!

I remember as a child thinking that summer was the time when the world slowed down and time seemed elastic and interminable. Not so these days, as this summer seems to be passing at breakneck speed. Still, I'm very grateful, even if there aren't enough hours in the day, that I get to spend the ones I do have with Tony, who is my very best friend and makes every day complete. I cannot imagine a better person to spend my life with (not even Mr. Darcy!), and I'm so very lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive partner to share my life with. All right, enough with the mushy gushy! I'll be back tomorrow with a review of Ann Patchett's newest novel, and we'll see if we can keep my book reviewing mojo going from there.
2nd July
written by Steph
I imagine many bloggers will be offline this weekend, enjoying the long weekend that accompanies 4th of July celebrations. Tony and I certainly will be!  But, our break will be a little more prolonged, as we take off for Puerto Rico tomorrow morning and will be gone for nine whole glorious days, during which we'll celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary (can you believe it's already been a year?!? Also, we decided that as an update to the old-fashioned gift-giving guide in which paper is the appropriate gift to commemorate the first year of newlywed bliss that our e-readers will count as 21st century paper...)! We'll be taking plenty of pictures to document our trip, but we won't be blogging whilst we're away. I could have pre-scheduled some review posts, I suppose, but I'm going full-out lazy on this one. Just know there will be plenty of new content (and yes, that includes pictures!) when we get back, starting around July 13. We wish you all happy and safe long weekends (or regular ones to those not in the good ol' USofA), and look forward to catching up sooner than y'all can imagine. If anyone needs us, we'll be on the beach...

Me not in Puerto Rico (this is Miami), but the response will be pretty much the same...

1st August
written by Tony
Here are some of the best wedding shots, as promised. Charleston and Savannah highlights will be forthcoming in future (not too distant) posts. The gallery, after the jump. Once you open one image you can use the left and right arrows to navigate through (the click on the Next or Previous links on the edges of the photo).

Our rings

Our rings