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6th June
written by Steph
We've got a hodgepodge of films for you this time round, some of them better than others, and some watched at the drive-in! This time we watched:
  • We talk about why senior thesis projects don't always make good movies when we discuss 9
  • Tony tells you how to be an effective stalker while critiquing Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo
  • Everyone who works with him may hate him, but we still love Ricky Gervais in The Invention of Lying
  • If you're looking for the definition of "80s humor" look no further than A Fish Called Wanda...
  • Steph winds up with a lot of strong views about effective video game films, which come out when we discuss Prince of Persia
  • Is Iron Man 2 the Ulysses of summer 2010? No, not really... unless you found Transformers 2 to be a subtle and intelligently-crafted art film

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30th November
written by Steph
Two what? Slightly dull soldiers, that's what.

Two what? Slightly boring soldiers, that's what.

Tony's Review

Steph and I recently finished with this game (note how I didn't simply say finished) and we had a few thoughts regarding game-play and such. Overall it's a fairly playable game, a little light on story but easy enough to get into once you get the swing of things. There are some quirks I don't particularly care for, but overall it was reasonably playable. (more…)