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30th November
written by Steph
Hello, internet friends!  We hope you all had a wonderful weekend, regardless of whether it was a long Thanksgiving break for you (as it was here at S&TI!), or just a regular two-day job.  Any time that can be spent in one's pajamas is always time well spent is my way of thinking!  Our Thanksgiving was rather quiet as we just celebrated as we traditionally do, with a huge feast for just the two of us.  I know many people wouldn't bother making a turkey for such a small number, but I think this is a real oversight, as it clearly neglects to consider the glory that is LEFTOVERS.  I ask you, is there anything better than leftover turkey sandwiches, crammed full with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy?  Clearly not!  So on Thursday I went to town when it came to our Thanksgiving feast, and consequently, I have had to do no cooking since then (though our microwave has gotten quite the work out), and probably won't have to for much of this week either... huzzah! I must say that this year's Thanksgiving feast was probably our most successful, as the timing of the myriad of dishes worked out well, and pretty much everything was cooked flawlessly, and nary a complaint was to be found.  Here's a snapshot of Tony's plate before we chowed down:

Yum!  Truly a feast to be thankful for!

Yum! Truly a feast to be thankful for!

Starting at the "6 o'clock" position and working clockwise, here's a rundown of what I cooked (with links to recipes where appropriate, though I freely admit that I didn't follow anything strictly):
  • Pioneer Woman's Sweet Potatoes (with marshmallows!)
  • Stuffing (following my mom's recipe, which is without a doubt the surefire way to get the absolute BEST stuffing)
  • Roast Heritage Turkey with Bacon & Cider Gravy (we used a little Butterball turkey as we aren't millionaires who can go and buy our turkey at Whole Foods and I skipped the Dijon in the butter concoction, but it still turned out succulent and delicious... and the gravy... oh, probably the best gravy I have every made!  We don't make turkeys often, but the next time I do, this is the recipe I'll follow.)
  • Carrot & Turnip Mash
  • Smoked Cheddar Mashed Potatoes
  • Creamed Kale
  • Dessert (not pictured): Maple Pumpkin Pie (divine!  Though we didn't do the leaf lattice for the top because we are not actually Martha Stewart)
Everything was so scrumptious and paired nicely with the raspberry lambic we picked up on a whim at Trader Joe's earlier in the week.  Honestly, I love Thanksgiving meals so much that maybe Tony & I should start celebrating both Canadian & American Thanksgiving so that we can have this glorious feast twice per year! Our Thanksgiving weekend was predominantly spent snuggled on our couch (in pajamas, obviously) playing video games and doing some serious armchair traveling via Rick Steves' Best of Europe on Hulu and some episodes of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.  Also, imagine my delight when I discovered that episodes of The Two Fat Ladies have been released on DVD and that our local library carries them... The show is even better than I remembered (even if the food is somehow worse and more offputting), and I was definitely giving thanks for that long forgotten gem.  Sigh.  Such a good weekend, and I hope yours were similarly good even if they were not at all similar! 😉 Anyway, back to the last week our regularly scheduled programming!  It's time to announce our final winner for the last week of giveaways celebrating our one year blogiversary!  Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions of books to read, and it's much appreciated that none of you suggested books that you figured we would hate but for the resultant amusing review.  Lots of good ideas, including some titles I'd never heard of.  But a winner needed to be selected, and according to the randomness of this number generator, that winner is Nadia of A Bookish Way of Life.  Nadia selected Margaret Atwood's newest novel, The Year of the Flood, so a copy will be making its way to her very shortly.  Congratulations, Nadia!  We hope you enjoy the book! To all of you who entered our various giveaways, thanks so much for being a part of the celebrations and helping us brainstorm new and fabulous directions to take the site in our second year of blogging!  Here's to many more, and we look forward to celebrating with all of you in another year's time!
2nd December
written by Steph

There is little the dogs love more than watching the street... Maybe turkey

The pups literally spent hours staring out at the street on Thursday

This post is a little late, but Tony & I did celebrate American Thanksgiving. In the midst of long workdays as I struggled to revise a manuscript for publication, it was a welcome holiday and day of rest. You could say that this year, I was thankful for Thanksgiving. (more…)