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13th January
written by Steph
Yesterday I read over at the Girl Detective's blog that The Morning News has released the shortlist of this year's combatants in the 2010 Tournament of Books.  For those not in the know, as the title suggests, the ToB is a March Madness style competition where books go head-to-head rather than college basketball teams, and is therefore way more interesting (in my opinion!).  The books are seeded and a tournament bracket will go up so that starting in March, two books will go head to head in a daily competition (M-F), until eventually we get down to two books, one of which will be declared the champion.  Cue the Queen tracks. Each round will have a new judge, though of course the outcome of each match is completely arbitrary, up to the judge's whims.  Even when I don't agree with the outcome of a given bout, it's always amusing to read the judge's line of reasoning, as well as the commentary on how the match went, provided last year by Kevin Guilfoile & John Warner.  It's silly, yes, and true it does emulate a sporting event, but it's essentially a wonderful celebration of books, and that's something I can always get behind. Last year I had read a dismal ZERO books of the 16 shortlisted (though I made my way through about 8 of them by the end, I think), but this year I'm already off to a better start having read two of the contenders last year!  This year the books up for the title are: (more…)