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9th June
written by Steph
AKA "The Not-Very-Well-Kept Secret Adversary"

AKA "The Not-Very-Well-Kept Secret Adversary"

Since 2009 is the year that I’m rediscovering my love affair with the mystery novel, I decided that I would like to reacquaint myself with the Queen of Mystery – Agatha Christie.  I read a bunch of her books when I was in middle school/highschool, but my memory for the titles I did read is absolute rubbish, so I figured it might be fun to start reading the books in the order they were published.  I haven’t made much headway in this personal challenge (challenge is perhaps the wrong word – long-term goal, is probably more apt), as The Secret Adversary is just Christie’s second book.  And as much as I love Dame Christie, it shows! Christie wrote  about several detectives, and The Secret Adversary is the novel in which she introduces her sleuthing duo, Tommy & Tuppence.  The basic premise is that the two longtime pals meet up in London following WWI, both down on their luck and swiftly running out of money.  Tuppence announces over tea (bizzarely and hilariously, in my opinion) that the only cure for it all is for them to become adventurers (?).  Following the meal, Tuppence is approached by a man who overheard her and says he might have just the ticket for her.  He wants her to go to Paris and pretend to be someone, but when he asks her her name, Tuppence throws out the name “Jane Finn” on a whim, which enrages the man, who asks how much of the scheme she already knows, and ultimately dismisses Tuppence from the office, telling her to come back the next day… only for him to have vanished upon her return!  And so Tuppence and Tommy wind up embroiled in a scheme to overthrow the British government – one that will succeed unless they can track down the real Jane Finn, who was given some national documents prior to the war that would be most damaging if they fell into the wrong hands.  Will these green sleuths be able to outwit one of the most elusive criminal masterminds to challenge the Empire, the sinister Mr. Brown?  And how is it that he always seems to be a step ahead of them? (more…)