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27th March
written by Tony
My, my. Aren't we scary?

My, my. Aren't we scary?

I’m pretty sure Adrian Brody can really only play one character, but he at least does so with aplomb, and thankfully this movie is interesting enough that his acting isn’t the lone highlight. I found this movie on a list titled (I think) "Top Ten Mind Fuck Movies." Indeed. So I went ahead and added it to our Netflix queue (among some others) as I had heard about it previously and had always been curious. It’s hard to say much about the film, as giving away too much of the plotting will spoil some of the revelations that occur (which are, believe me, few and far between) as the film develops. Essentially, Brody plays an Iraq war (the first one, the movie isn't quite that prescient, though it did come out right about the time we were getting in over our heads a second time) vet who was shot in the head and lost his memory. Once he is home he is inadvertently swept up in a situation where he again suffers amnesia and is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Being determined mentally unstable, he is sent to a rather ominous asylum where the head doctor (yes, both meanings of "head") begins an experimental treatment regime that is essentially drug addled sensory deprivation. (more…)