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12th November
written by Steph

This photo may have actually been taken months ago during a trip to Arrington Vineyards, but with the addition of party hats, you'd never know!

It seems like Tony and I are making it something of a tradition to forget our actual blogging birthday until about a week after it has past. So while S&TI! turned a whopping three years old on Nov 2nd, we are keeping up our pattern of neglect for this year and just remembered that now.

I know we haven't been around as much this year as either of us would like (life has been so busy), so we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you have have stuck with us and continue to make blogging so fun. Whether you've been with us from the beginning or just found us a few weeks ago, we really love it when you take time out of your busy days to let us know that you like what we're doing or even just to say hi. So thank you, thank you, thank you! To keep with the tradition we started three years ago now, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all with something more than mere words. So, we're offering one lucky commenter the chance to pick up a new book on our dime. BUT this year there is a TWIST! Normally, we always ask you to go through our archives and pick a book that we've read that you would also like to read, and if you win, we will send you said book. To shake things up, here's what we're proposing: instead of limiting yourself to books we've read, instead we'd like you to pick a book that we HAVE NOT read but that you would also like to read. Leave us a comment telling us why you think we should read this book (or why you would like to read it), and if we pick your comment (via a random number generator OR via magic; I'm open to either option), then we will buy ourselves a copy of the book of your choosing AND send you one as well. We further promise that we will read and review this book on our blog sometime in the 2012 year - if you'd like to do a joint review of some kind, we're certainly open to that, but if you'd just like us to read it and do our thing while you do yours, that's cool too. We can sort out those details later. So to recap: 1) Pick a book that you would like to read that we HAVE NOT already read and reviewed (you can check out our archives here to see if a book's been covered on the site). You can of course use this as an opportunity to force us to read something you think we will hate for a maximally grumpy review (which you all seem to like), but remember, you'll be getting a copy of the book too! 2) If you live outside of the United States, check The Book Depository website and make sure that the book you want is available there AND that your home country can be shipped to (and since The Book Depository essentially ships everywhere on the planet, that means this giveaway is open worldwide!). If you live in the U.S., you have the added option of picking a book via Amazon. 3) Comment on this post letting us know what book you are choosing and why. Comments will be accepted until MIDNIGHT on the evening of SUNDAY November 19th, 2011. So that's pretty much it. Put on your thinking (or party!) hats, let your imagination go wild and let us buy you a book! [P.S. Per usual, this post will be sticky until the end of this giveaway, so make sure you scroll down for new content!]
8th November
written by Steph

This is us celebrating Tony turning 28, but don't worry, our blog doesn't know any better...

So, Steph and Tony Investigate! turned two... on November 2. Oops! Life has been so busy that the day came and went without Tony or I realizing the significance. I mean, now that our blog is in its terrible twos, we should have commemorated the transition by trashing our apartment or getting rip-roaring drunk or BOTH! Certainly anything but letting the day pass in silence! But really, what would this little site be without you, or loyal readers who have stuck with us as we first began to figure out this crazy thing called blogging, and have watched us take our first few steps out into the world, watching us trash bad books and movies (while also celebrating the good ones!), and eat decadent food along the way? You know, just like toddlers do. So, to celebrate having successfully made it through two whole years of blogging, we want to give you some gifts... because we are both crazy and generous like that. And humble. To thank you for sticking by us and making us feel like we're doing something right, we'd like you to investigate our archives. Pick any book there that we've reviewed in any capacity (yes, BookPage reviews count!) and tell us which one you would like and why! We'll use a random number generator (or magic) to pick a winner and will send said person the book of their choosing. Because you can't spell "Party" without "Free Book"! Have fun reliving our glory days, because it's all downhill from here... Just kidding! 😉 The deets
  • Contest will run until midnight on the evening of Sunday, November 14
  • To enter, leave a comment on this post letting us know what book we have reviewed that you would like and why
  • Giveaway is open to anywhere The Book Depository ships... I'm not American, and Tony's not Canadian, so we love all citizens of the world equally well
That's it! Let us buy you a free book, won't you? [P.S. This post will be sticky for the duration of the giveaway, so be sure to scroll down for new content throughout the week!]
2nd November
written by Steph
[Note: This is a sticky post, so be sure to scroll down for new content!] One year ago today, Tony and I embarked on this crazy blogging project we titled Steph & Tony Investigate!  We started it as an opportunity to create something together, and to give ourselves the opportunity to be creative, practice our writing, and speak to the things in our lives that got us thinking.  In the past year, tons has happened, and it's quite nice to have a record of that in terms of words we've written and pictures we've taken.  So much has taken place, including getting engaged and married!  I can't say that we had any firm goals or expectations going into this little blog, and I don't think we've even yet fully crystallized what exactly this blog is or what we'd like it to be, but I do know that one of the wonderful things neither of us really anticipated is the wonderful group of people we would encounter through the blog, all of the wonderful discussions we would have, and the way in which we'd come to be part of a great online community.  To be recognized by so many people during the 2009 Book Blogger Appreciation Week was truly lovely and unexpected, and was really just the icing on a fantastic first year of blogging. To say thank you to all of you who stop by and read the site and who appreciate what we do, we've decided we'd like to first thank you in words (check!), and then thank you in gifts, because really, what says "you rock!" better than a gift?  We mulled over the best way to do this, from the very complicated, to the very simple, and we decided this: to celebrate the one-year mark of the site, we've decided to give away one book for each week in November.  We're big fans of celebrating, and I've always been of the opinion that it's a shame birthdays are but a single day of the year rather than entire week or better yet, an entire month, so voila!  A whole month of celebrating!  Rather than picking the books, we thought it might be nice to let you do the picking - after all, our favorite books might not be your favorite books, and our hope is that throughout the past year we've covered at least one book on Steph & Tony Investigate! that piqued your interest.  So, any book that we've reviewed on the site (including reviews I linked to for books I reviewed for BookPage) is up for grabs! To be entered in the first of our four giveaways, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post (I'll make it sticky for the duration of this giveaway), with the following information:
  1. Which book you'd like us to send you
  2. Why you picked the book you did
As I said, you can pick any book we've covered and rated on the site (provided we can purchase it through Amazon or some similar online bookseller... and unfortunately we can't guarantee that you'll receive the same edition we read if it's no longer readily available), so peruse those archives and find the gem that's been missing from your collection!  One entry per person each week, but if you blog about this giveaway on your own site (and then leave a comment with a link to your post, provided this post doesn't automatically do that whole "pingback" thing on its own, so that we can give you credit for doing so) then we'll give you an extra entry. And we know that we have readers from all over the globe, so we don't care where you live, you're all eligible to enter. After all, our love wasn't thwarted by nationality, and we'd never discriminate against others on that basis either! 😉 This giveaway closes Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 11:59 pm and the winner will be randomly selected from the comments, so that gives you nearly an entire week to figure out which book you'd like. Need some suggestions?  Here are some of our favorite reads in 2009 thus far: Have fun splashing about in the archives, and once again, thanks so much for all the fun and all the support!  Here's to one fabulous year of blogging, but hopefully many more to come!
16th September
written by Steph
In case you haven't burned out on BBAW posts in which we share some our favorite blogs that didn't make the short-list for awards, here's another one!  At first I wasn't sure about whether to post this, because I realized it could be perceived as hurtful to anyone I didn't include.  So I want to be clear that if you're on my blog roll (which I need to, and will, update soon), or I've ever commented on your blog, then I clearly like what you do a good deal.  Also, if you were short-listed, I'm not going to include you on the list, so that we can all give some love to some of the overlooked blogs.  I've enjoyed reading everyone's lists, and have found quite a few blogs I didn't know about as a result, so I thought I'd return the favor and help your Google Readers overflow with all things bookish. (more…)
19th August
written by Steph
Not to get all Sally Field on you, but we just found out that at least one of you (or maybe more, we don't know!) nominated us for some lovely Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards.  If you did nominate us, then you know your reasons, but for those who are curious (and haven't been reading comments), we're up for Best Collaborative Blog (don't lie... it's because we got married, right? 😉 ), and Best Literary Fiction Blog. [Updated to add that we were also notified today that we've also been nominated for Best Writing, which is really so gratifying.  Thank you!]  To say we're surprised is an understatement!  We definitely didn't see this one coming, but thank you for the support and the appreciation... in this case being nominated is really an honor in and of itself! [P.S.  New content coming soon... we just have to finish reading something, and get off our lazy butts and review some of the movies we've been watching...]