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23rd November
written by Tony
Some nice light on the Captiol dome.

Some nice light on the Capitol dome.

Recently I took my first trip to our nation's capital. Steph was giving a talk at the SFN (Society for Neuroscience) conference on her research and I thought it would not only be a great chance to see her in her element, but also to take some time to explore a city that greatly interested me. The more research that I did the more enthusiastic I became about the prospect of wandering around the city. From what I could gather from my initial research, the metro system around downtown was fairly extensive and would offer more than enough mobility during our stay, which it did admirably. More on that later. Of particular interest were the Smithsonian museums, which to my delight I discovered were all free admittance. I've always been fascinated with the museums, especially the Air and Space Museum and this chance to see it first hand was something I'd been wanting for a long time. Our first day in the city was spent visiting the monuments, which did not disappoint. The weather, however, did. The first day was rainy and slightly cold (though not terrible). The rain did diminish the experience of the outdoor monuments, to be sure, but they were still impressive to behold. (more…)