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14th January
written by Steph
You'll recall that back during our blogiversary festivites, we solicited feedback from all of you faithful readers about what improvements you'd like to see on the site.  Change has been slow to come as real life has been busy, but we did take note of all your helpful ideas and are slowly getting around to implementing them. Most pressing was the need for a page listing all of the books we've reviewed on the site for easy browsing.  I'm happy to say that after a lot of typing, said page is finally ready to assist you in your Steph & Tony Investigate! perusing needs.  The archive can be found here, or alternatively in the red header at the top of our site under "Books Reviewed" (how's that for intuitive?).  I'm not sure how some of you manage to be so fancy and have multiple pages that are broken down by Author, Year Reviewed, and Title (SO MUCH TYPING!), but I hope that for now having a page that lists, in alphabetical order, all of the titles reviewed on this site will suffice! Let us know if any links don't work or if there's just any general wonkiness.  Thanks for your patience, and have fun playing in the archives!
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