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24th April
written by Steph

Guys, I’m so sorry about the dearth of updates, but things have been so crazy here and time has been short for writing.  Turns out that even when you have a low-key wedding in mind, it still requires a good deal of planning – just when you check one thing off your list, a new one pops up in its place.  I think weddings might be the Hydra of social events…  I suppose I really shouldn’t complain as our planning has actually been going quite smoothly – dress shopping, suit buying, venue picking, all of that has actually been quite painless and efficiently completed.  That’s right, I have my dress purchased!  I won’t post a picture of it here, but I will show you the shoes I have decided to wear on the Big Day.  They are super fun AND comfy, and I look forward to wearing them at the wedding as well as many years to come.  I wanted a pair of shoes that were funky and expressed who I was, and I love the little snippets of blue (now I just need something borrowed and something old!):

That's right - I'm going to walk down the aisle in zebra-striped shoes with blue buckles!

That's right - I'm going to walk down the aisle in zebra-striped shoes with blue buckles!

And of course, we also had our lovely anniversary celebration last weekend, which was fantastic.  We drove Pip down to Chattanooga, and stayed in a cozy little B&B called the Chantacleer Inn (True story, though: I could never remember the name of this place while we were staying there, and wound up settling on a rather crude version that I COULD remember, which is really no reflection of the inn itself but rather my juvenile humor… I won’t post the name here, but let’s just say it involved a perfectly correct term for “rooster” (the inn’s logo featured one), thought it’s probably not the term you’d use in polite company… Tony tells me that Chantacleer is the name of a rooster from a fairytale, but if this is true, I never read that fairytale, so that mnemonic was not helpful to me).  We visited the Tennessee Aquarium, which we enjoyed immensely (though ultimately decided we’d rather hold our wedding locally rather than 2 hours away from where we live), and also had a great time dining out at some of our favorite restaurants in Chattanooga (this one place has the best stuffed poblano pepper appetizer on the planet, AND their margaritas are to die for!  I had two!).  I won’t lie, however… as we don’t have cable tv at our place, one of our highlights of the weekend involved simply lolling about in bed watching Animal Planet and HGTV in our room!  Hey, it just shows that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to show us a good time! 😉 So, looking at my reading log, I realize that I haven’t finished a book in about 3 weeks, which is why I haven’t been able to review anything lately!  I think this is largely due to me feeling mentally burnt out (I don’t have exams to contend with as many other people do, but things at work have recently come to a head, and hopefully will improve from here on out) and just being too tired to read most evenings.  I started reading The Master & Margarita, which Tony highly praised on the site, but I soon realized that while it normally would be the kind of book I would love, it just wasn’t the right time for me to read it.  It has a pretty discursive narrative, and my poor tired brain just couldn’t keep up.  I was struggling too hard to turn the pages and remember what the heck had been happening, that I decided to put it aside until my brain feels less sluggish so that I can fully appreciate Bulgakov’s swift wit.  I’m currently reading something for a top secret project that I can’t divulge at this point, which I realize is horridly unfair, but all this is to say that you’ll still have to wait a bit before I’m ready to post any new reviews!  Tony has one book on the roster that he needs to review, but he’s been utterly bogged down at work, so the time just hasn’t been available to write about it, but eventually you can expect a review on Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory sometime this year! 😉  And I apologize for not having recipes either… we took a bunch of pictures a while back when I was cooking up a frenzy, but at this point I’m not sure that I can trust my memory to write down reliable instructions (or ingredients) for the dishes!  It might be time to call it a wash and start from scratch… inevitably I’ll wind up making many of those things again, and hopefully I can keep up with them on the site! Some of you may consider memes a punishment, but I thought that it might be nice to post some actual content here on Steph & Tony Investigate, rather than simply another excuse for our shortcomings of late.  So, I’ve ganked an old meme off of Claire’s site, which she borrowed from Tuesday, and I thought I’d give it a whirl.  It’s supposedly the über meme, so hopefully all of the important bases will be covered!


2nd December
written by Steph

There is little the dogs love more than watching the street... Maybe turkey

The pups literally spent hours staring out at the street on Thursday

This post is a little late, but Tony & I did celebrate American Thanksgiving. In the midst of long workdays as I struggled to revise a manuscript for publication, it was a welcome holiday and day of rest. You could say that this year, I was thankful for Thanksgiving. (more…)