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11th April
written by Steph
Good morning, read-a-thoners!  In case your eyes are too tired to do any more reading, why not take a listen to what we've been watching over the past few weeks? Featured in this installment:
  • Red Riding (1974) makes us wonder whether movies that feature actors from Yorkshire, England qualify as "foreign language" films...
  • Another win for Pixar with A Bug's Life (even if it's about actual bugs, and not our little bug, Rory).  Also, Tony geeks out.
  • Tony schools Steph in American history, though she makes a legitimate point about settlers in Washington state while talking about Sleepy Hollow.
  • We revisit Savannah and Kevin Spacey with Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  We probably prefer Spacey's performance as a grasshopper to Jim Williams, but we definitely prefer John Cusack when he plays "that guy who is not in whatever movie we're watching".
  • We belatedly continue to watch movies that were nominated but did not win the 2010 Oscar for Best Picture, this time with A Serious Man. I think we know why this one did not win.
  • Did you know Bruce Willis once had hair?  Don't believe us? Watch Die Hard.  Also: Alan Rickman!  Who knew?!?!

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7th August
written by Steph
We went all the way to Bon Aventure cemetary to see this famous statue only to find she's no longer there!  Curse you popularity!

We went all the way to Bon Aventure cemetary to see this famous statue only to find she's no longer there! Curse you fame!

In my search to find region-appropriate reading fare for our honeymoon vacation, I had a heck of a time finding books set in Charleston, and the ones that I did find didn’t exactly look like my kind of reading.  But when it came to Savannah, the choice was pretty clear: Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil.  Heck, Savannah has walking tours dedicated to taking tourists round the places made famous throughout the book!  What could be better for our short stay there? I always get a kick out of reading books set in places that I’ve been.  It always gives me such a thrill when an author mentions a street name or a local institution that I actually know; it somehow makes the story feel all that more real to me, as though I’ve entered into a more private sanctum within its folds where a genuine shared experience can blossom. So, it’s no surprise then that it was immensely fun to read about all the scandals and gossip of Savannah after having strolled along Broughton St myself.  Just imagine how cool it was to be lounging out near the old lighthouse on Tybee Island while characters were attending a soirée at the DeSoto Beach Hotel, sharing the same swath of sand as myself! For those not in the know, the basic premise behind the book is that Berendt first visits Savannah on a whim, becomes enamored with the city, and decides to spend some time there living amongst the locals.  The first part of the book is like a series of short stories as he recounts his various experiences in the city and the zany folk he encounters and who more or less embrace him as a native.  In the second-half of the book, things take a turn for the more sinister when one of the more prominent Savannahians is charged with murder.  The rest of the book traces the trials and the ultimate verdict that ensue. (more…)
22nd July
written by Steph
So, Tony & I are now officially hitched and are back from our WONDERFUL honeymoon in Charleston, SC & Savannah, GA. Seriously, why don't we just vacation professionally? That's the life for me. We had a fantastic time, and although there were some stressful moments leading up to the Big Day (what bride hasn't had a meltdown 24-hours before the ceremony? 😉 ), everything went off without a hitch - er, with a hitch! Because on July 10, 2009 at approximately 5:50 pm in the Japanese Garden at Cheekwood here in Nashville, we were pronounced man and wife. And it was awesome. We're back in Nashville now, but we're easing back into things, trying to make that honeymoon glow last (in poor Tony's case, his "glow" may have something to do with a particularly itchy brand of sunburn. That one can go ahead and leave anytime now!). We're still waiting on getting our wedding pictures, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait for a picture post at a slightly later date before you can see some of our choice moments from the day (and also from our trip... it wouldn't seem right to post the honeymoon pictures before the wedding ones!). I'm sorry for the delay, but I just didn't want to keep y'all waiting any longer.  And let me tell you that even though waiting sucks, we've seen proofs of our photos and they are GORGEOUS. BUT, I do have some other content to post along the way while we all wait for the momentous nuptial post, so you can expect the regular erratic posting schedule (i.e., Steph & Tony post as often as they can!) to resume from here on out. I have one book review written, as well as another book binge buying post; I'm sure none of you are surprised. Thank you all so much for the wonderful well-wishes as well as the book recommendations for our trip. In the end, I was so scattered and spread so thin with the actual wedding planning and the hosting of family and friends (let's be honest, the family is where the stress lies!), I just dragged along the few books that were waiting for me at the library. And then of course, we spent more time napping than we did reading while we were away. But the two books that did feature on our trip were The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. I'm still finishing up the latter, but were excellent reads given our travel destinations. I'll hopefully get my review of The Graveyard Book posted in the next few days. Oh, and let's not forget the new Harry Potter movie, which needs reviewing... We've already seen it twice now, and it's only been out for a week, so that probably gives you a taste of what's to come! But anyway, please don't feel that your recs were in vain; I'm always looking for good reads, and even if they didn't make it on the honeymoon, so many of your picks sounded so good and I'll be sure to seek them out in the future! What can I say? Getting married and our honeymoon sojourn were amazing and literally a once in a lifetime experience, but it's also good to be back. Thanks for waiting for us! [P.S. My Google Reader was, as you can imagine, packed to the gills when we returned from our trip. In a bid to retain my sanity, I've decided I'm not going to be able to comment on all of your thoughtful and delightful posts that went up while I was away. I'm going to start fresh and just pick up from here. But I want you all to know that I did read what you wrote, was titillated and amused by your wonderful words, and I'm now decamping from "lurker" status.]