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1st April
written by Steph

One of the things I find really rewarding about the book blogging community is the way in which it exposes me to tons of books I might never have encountered or thought twice about on my own.  There’s often talk of the abundance of books, and it’s true that this can be overwhelming, but I have found that after a brief period of madness when I was scrabbling to read everything I encountered through blogs, I’ve actually become more discerning reader.  By reading more, I’ve really begun to understand my own tastes as well as make peace with the fact that I’m not going to be able to read every book that’s every published, or even all those that cross my path, and so it’s critical that I seek out the best books.  And by “best books”, I simply mean the ones that are best for me.  The ones I learn from, the ones that make me stretch, and yes, even the ones that simple tickle my fancy and make me laugh.  After all, there’s nothing wrong with having fun when you read! I admit that The Lunatic, The Lover, and The Poet is a book that I probably wouldn’t have read if Trish hadn’t offered it to me (for free) via TLC Tours.  As much as I love Shakespeare, I don’t read historical fiction very often, and I’m always a bit leery of books that take other author’s characters and reinvent them.  That said, I was intrigued by the snippets that I read, and Hamlet is probably the Shakespeare play that I know best, as I’ve studied it twice (and even went and saw the Kenneth Branagh über long film version when it was released in theatres), so I decided to verge outside of my comfort zone and give it a try. (more…)