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25th February
written by Tony

When a piece of metal rusts, it is like a cancer. The oxidation spreads slowly, bubbling the paint before it erupts to the surface like an angry weal that can only be removed and patched over with a new piece of uncorrupted metal. After a certain point the rust can’t be stopped and the entire affected area has to be removed to protect the rest of the undamaged metal. And, even if it is stopped, there is always the risk of return, there is never remission. A chip leads to a flake which exposes the metal’s strength to the corruption of the air and the rust returns, requiring constant vigilance. Set amidst the ruins of a beautiful but economically devastated Pennsylvania steel town, American Rust tells the story of the slow decay of the people trapped by the gutted city of Buell and the prison of its influence. The strength of steel is slowly eroded by the creeping influence of rust born of neglect, and as rust slowly spreads across the closed mills of Buell it becomes apparent that the residents of the doomed city are decaying as surely as the ruins left in the shadows and smoke of the once vibrant smelters and factories. (more…)