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22nd August
written by Steph
Like an episode 24... only with more makeup

Like an episode 24... only with more makeup

First off, this marks my 44th book read this year.  An odd number to flag, I realize, but one with personal significance for me.  You see, last year I read a grand total of 44 books.  So this read was momentous because it signaled that anything I read from here on out will be an “improvement” over last year… I didn’t really set myself any hard goals number-wise for 2009 as I don’t really see the point in that (it seems to detract from the real reason for reading, in my mind), but I did think somewhere that I could probably hit 50 books.  And now, with just over 4 months to go, I’m sure I will! (Wouldn’t it be sad if I somehow didn’t manage to read 6 books in the next 17 weeks or so?) Now, one thing I’ve been lamenting privately to Tony about is the fact that this year has had some really good (even great) reads crop up for me, but I haven’t encountered any 5-star books.  That is probably more important than reading lots of books, and I’ve been feeling a bit bereft that the magical alchemy that produces a perfect book for me has been so elusive.  Every book I pick up, I do so with the fiercest hope that it will somehow shake my very foundations of who I am as a reader.  I very much hoped that Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day would be that book. (more…)