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17th May
written by Steph
 But do we really?

But do we really?

You know how lately I’ve been kind of on a “creepy book” roll?  Well, you can add this one to the pile.  I think when I look back on 2009, I will see that my reading definitely had a dark bent to it, although We Need to Talk About Kevin (winner of the 2005 Orange Prize) may just take the cake for most disturbing book I read this year. We Need to Talk About Kevin is Eva Khatchadourian’s story about the trials and tribulations of motherhood, though from the onset we know that Eva’s burden is heavier than most – her teenage son, Kevin, is currently in prison after having gone on a rampage at his highschool in which he murdered 9 classmates, as well as a teacher.  The story jumps back in forth in time, but through Eva’s eyes, we learn how she and her husband came to start a family, and how she has struggled with that decision ever since.  With Eva as our guide, we trace Kevin’s life from birth to his teen years and that fateful Thursday afternoon when her own life came crashing down around her. (more…)