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29th January
written by Steph

Go to a bookshop and find this book!

Despite being shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1978, I’m willing to be most people aren’t familiar with the novel The Bookshop or its author Penelope Fitzgerald.  I’m actually pretty surprised Fitzgerald hasn’t received more attention from the book blogging community, given that we’re comprised of people who love books! And what do you think a book called The Bookshop is about?  Books! The Bookshop is a relatively short novel that chronicles the struggles that a widow named Florence Green faces when she decides to convert an old abandoned house in the sleepy town of Hardborough into the town’s first bookstore.  Florence faces several obstacles along her way, including a skeptical bank manager, a bumbling solicitor, but worst of all is Mrs. Violet Gamart, who wants the old house for the arts center she believes Hardborough desperately needs.  Mrs. Gamart is not one who is easily dissuaded, and she’s determined to ruin Florence’s plans and have the building for herself, no matter what it takes! (more…)