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28th June
written by Steph
The PRS 600

The PRS 600

A couple of weeks ago Steph mentioned that Target was going to start selling the Kindle in-store. The biggest appeal of this, for us, was the ability to actually go and mess with the device in person for the first time, and really get a sense for the size, operating speed and overall quality of the Kindle. Cue us walking through the Target electronics department looking for the Kindle display. Upon asking a friendly Target associate where we could find the Kindle, we were greeted with a blank stare and the exclamation “I don’t even know what that is.” Perfect. We did randomly find the display, which was balls. It was a demo-only unit, and therefore ran through a pre-programmed routine of displays and allowed for no interaction whatsoever. So, less than ideal. But the fire was lit, and now we were on the e-reader war path. Like Moses, we would descend from on high, brandishing our e-ink displays that would be clearly legible in bright sun for the masses. (more…)
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