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21st January
written by Steph

Faithful readers of this site might be crying out right now, “What’s this?!? ELIC is not listed as a contender in this year’s Tournament of Books!  It was published in 2005.  You said you were going to try to read through the ToB books next, so… what up?”  I know, I know, I was supposed to start on my ToB reading after giving up on Eve, but here’s the thing:  Last Friday, I bundled up and set off for the central library on campus, which claimed to have 5 of the titles on my list available.  When I got there, I found out that one of the books was now reserved for someone (never mind that I can’t figure out how to reserve books myself), two of the books that were listed as being in the stacks were decidedly not in their designated areas, and one of the books penned by a Spanish-language author was in fact the Spanish-language edition.  Which left me with 1 book… or a 20% success rate.  Not good.  It was so cold out and I had braved it for 1 lousy book?  Well, on my way out, I happened to pass by the “Leisure Reading” shelf and ELIC caught my eye.  I’ve been wanting to read it for several years now, and I figured that since I was there I might as well pick it up.  After all, the check-out period for books from the campus library is a lengthy 3 months… or so I thought.  Turns out, Leisure books only have a TWO WEEK check-out period, which is kind of ironic, since for some, that might require reading at a decidedly unleisurely pace.  Once I realized this, I decided that I had better read ELIC first, given that it was due back so much sooner. (more…)