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27th April
written by Steph
Today is our friend Trisha's birthday, and we know she gets a kick out of these podcasts, so in honor of Trisha turning another year AWESOME, here's the latest installment of What We Watched.  Warning: This one's full of giggling! Featured in this podcast:
  • Tony gets all cranky when discussing the flapper fashion that features in Enchanted April
  • Did you know that Steph loves musicals and had the weirdest childhood ever? Our discussion of Showboat makes this clear... for the 20th time.
  • Like the protagonist in An Education, we fall for an older man... but his identity might surprise you!
  • The Legend of The Shadowless Sword teaches us the valuable lesson that the line between good and bad martial arts movies may be fine, but it does exist!

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10th June
written by Steph

Sucks to be Bill...

Sooooo good.  Tony said he didn’t think I would necessarily like these films, but I loved them!  Everything about them worked for me, and I wish I had seen them when they first came out rather than being the last person on the planet to see them. Or maybe I’m not the last person to see the movies, in which case the basic gist is that Uma Thurman plays a character known as “The Bride”, who was a member of Bill’s assassin squad.  Only he puts a hit out on her and she gets jumped the at her wedding rehearsal only to wake-up 4 years later with one thing on her mind: revenge.  First she’s going to take out the assassins who massacred her wedding party (and her unborn child), and then she’s going for Bill. Honestly, I really did like everything about the movies.   I loved the way they were filmed as well as the style – in a way, the greatest compliment I can bestow is that I really wished I were reading the movie as I watched it, because I haven’t read a book in a long while that I enjoyed as much as this movie.  It was just wildly creative and inspired and super stylized, and everything about it was interesting to watch.  Plus, who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned revenge tale?  Better yet, it’s a lady pulling the punches! The fight scenes were kick ass, the music even better, and I thought Quentin Tarantino told the story in a really interesting way.  And I think that he's a huge douchebag in real life (cocky little pisant is probably more accurate), but I have to give credit where credit is due: the man made an amazing movie and really knows his music.  The story is fractured, but the “chapter headings” (if you will) are more than enough to orient you and keep you interested.  Great modern take on the classic samurai tale, and I had so much fun watching it.  Most people tend to like Vol 2 more than Vol 1, but I think I actually enjoyed the former more.  I think I felt there was more exploration in style, or maybe I was just so impressed with the first part it was hard for the second to live up to it (if I had watched it when it first came out, there would have been a considerable gap between the two, and maybe that would have helped). Best movie(s) I’ve seen in a long time, and I really want to add this to our home collection. Rating: 5 out of 5