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23rd January
written by Steph

As I revealed in my last bookish post, The Morning News's Tournament of Books books (heh) turned out to be quite difficult to borrow from my campus library.  Consequently, I turned to the local branch of the Nashville Public Library, and decided to raid their collection for whichever ToB contenders they had on hand (while placing holds on the other ones).  Thankfully, when we arrived at the library, the four books they claimed to have were easily located, which made the trip immensely more rewarding than my frigid foray into the campus library.  This is of course barring the little snafu in which we arrived at the library at 1 pm, under the impression that it opened at noon, when in fact it doesn’t open until 2 pm on Sundays.  But with that extra hour we just popped over to the Humane Association to play with puppies to while away the time, which is really just as good a use of our time… so it wasn’t really all that catastrophic.  Anyway, all of this backstory is really just leading up to the part where I even dutifully paid my overdue fines while at the library, which amounted to the exorbitant sum of 10¢.  Why do I share this?  Because the dude at the fines counter actually asked if I wanted a receipt for this transaction.  I hope he is required to ask that of everyone, but felt chagrinned for doing so.  Seriously, people.  I paid my fine with what looks like a Toronto bus token (but was worth far less than that), and he asks if I want documented proof of this. Aaaaanyway, back to the real topic at hand: books!  I was going to start the one book I had to borrow in large-text (it was the only copy they had available!), but it smelled really strongly of old-lady perfume and was making me feel nauseous just holding it, so I’m gonna hold off (heh) on that one for a while.  [As an aside, I think I’ve heard that you can put smelly books in plastic bags and place them in your freezer for a few days to destinkify them, but I might have just made this up.  Have any of you successfully dealt with this issue in the past?]  So, I wound up picking up A Partisan’s Daughter instead, perhaps in part because it was the shortest looking book in the stack.  And that’s how we got here. Have you noticed that I’ve kind of been dragging my feet when it comes to talking about the book? (more…)