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28th June
written by Steph

Faithful (and perhaps even casual) readers of this blogs know that I have certain fondness for books that revolve around the scholastic world. Half the charm for me in reading the Harry Potter books wasn’t just in entering a magical world, but in getting to go to school with Harry and the gang. The moment when the first book really spoke to me was Harry’s first trip to Diagon Alley and Hagrid takes him through buying school supplies. Heaven! Probably the only place more dangerous to let me loose unsupervised other than a bookstore would be a stationary/office supplies stores. I can’t say I personally miss all that much about my own highschool experience, but when Fall comes round and I have no reason to buy new pens and binders, well, I may just die a bit inside. One of my goals has also been to try to read more international fiction, so when I saw Miss Timmins’ School for Girls on the TLC Tours roster which boasted a murder mystery taking place in an Indian boarding school, you can imagine how excited I was. As it was pitched, Miss Timmins’ revolves around a young Indian woman named Charu, who takes a position at the British-nun-run Miss Timmins’ boarding school teaching English as a means of stretching her wings and gaining some independence from her family. Although Charu is slow to make friends, she eventually forms a magnetic bond with a fellow teacher, Moira Prince, and the two become thick as thieves. Unfortunately, one dark and stormy evening (the very best kind of nights for murder most foul!), Moira’s body is found broken at the base of a cliff and signs suggest her fall was no accident. As suspicion flits around the community, Charu is determined to discover who killed her friend and why, even if it means bringing unwanted attention and questions upon herself. (more…)
14th December
written by Steph

Today is a momentous day, gentle readers, for today is the day I can claim to have lost my Sarah Waters virginity. It was a long time coming since there’s hardly a book blogger out there who doesn’t rave about her books, and yet I bided my time to see what all the fuss was about. Whenever I would see her books at McKays I’d always pick one of them up, but then I would pause and wonder if I was ready for Sarah Water’s jelly. I finally decided I need to take the plunge and picked up a copy of her first novel, Tipping the Velvet. The rest, as they say, is history. Tipping the Velvet tells the story of Nancy Astley, a young girl living in Victorian England who comes from Whitstable where she works in her family’s oyster parlor. Nan enjoys attending the local theater that puts on variety shows, and one evening she becomes completely captivated by a young masher (male impersonator) named Kitty Butler. Mesmerized by Kitty, Nancy attends the theater every night until her frequent visits finally capture Kitty’s attention. The two swiftly become thick as thieves, and Nancy is all too willing to throw over everything she has ever known in order to be with Kitty, desperately longing for more than friendship. Together the two head to London so that Kitty can further her career, and Nancy soon has her eyes opened to worlds she never dreamed existed, while also learning that following your heart and being true to yourself can sometimes be the hardest thing. (more…)