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10th February
written by Tony
Fist pump!

Fist pump!

I have been putting this review off. Not because I didn’t like the book and not because I am lazy (though I am). Mostly because I just can’t figure out how I feel about this damn book. I also can’t decide whether Kunzru is a well-disguised good writer or a patently oblivious semi-talented writer. Having never read any other Kunzru, much of this may be speculation. A little background before I begin the formal review: this is a member of the Tournament of Books reading list. A list that has been tirelessly wearing Steph down with clunkers and boat anchors. Early on Steph asked me if I wanted to weigh in on any of the ToB picks, and I arbitrarily decided to give this one a shot. As time went on (and I plowed through the works of Oscar Wilde) and Steph read more of the ToB selections I became nervous. The other books on the list were really terrible, and the normally respectable ToB benchmark was being called into question (by Steph). Had I made a Mistake (yes, a capital “M” mistake)? (more…)