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8th January
written by Steph
I bet you never thought I post about Gwyneth Paltrow and food in the same entry (and in a positive light, no less!)... Some of you may have heard that Gwyneth has started an online newsletter endeavor, bizzarely called GOOP.  Maybe it has something to do with her intials?  Who knows!  Anyway, Gwynnie's whole purpose with GOOP is that she wants to "nourish the inner aspect", and so in every mailing, she provides advice on things to purchase for your wardrobe, places to stay, restaurants to try, and perhaps most shocking of all, recipes to make.  In one installment, Gwyneth muses about how she's earned a bum rap in the media with respect to her diet, namely that she follows an extreme one that involves her grazing on grass and not much else.  Granted, when her first offering of 2009 is about a week-long cleanse that focuses on shakes and soups, well, the press might be on to something, is all I’m saying! Now, Gwyneth has starred in a quite a few movies that I enjoy quite a bit, but I must confess that off-screen I find her pretty insufferable.  I don’t really believe that she noshes on duck burgers and fries when she visits L.A., and I dislike how she tries to have it both ways: all-American girl but also super English sophisticate (no wonder she’s purported to be pals with Madonna).  That being said, I did pick up a tip in one of her recipe newsletters about browning meat.  It might be something everyone already knows, but here it is: if you want your meat to brown, make sure it’s at room temperature before you put it in your hot pan.  If it’s fresh from the fridge, it’ll just simmer and boil in its own juices.  If you’re an impulsive cook like I am, it might be hard to make this happen, but if you’re making a dish where properly browned meat will really sing, then that’s how you’re going to make it happen. I'll leave it up to you to search out her recipe for Super Greens Juice...