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23rd January
written by Steph

One of the things that I've discovered about my new knitting obsession is that I tend to make far more things for others than I do for myself. Hardly seems fair, though I must admit, I do really just enjoy the process of creating and while the end result is rewarding, it's always nice to give something homemade to another person and watch their face light up. Still, I figure it's only right that I should reap the rewards of my new hobby every so often, so one of my first projects of 2011 was to knit a pair of fingerless gloves for myself. My office at school is generally freakishly cold, so I plan to make good use of these, as they'll keep my hands warm while I type. Not to mention they're a pretty awesome fashion statement as well!

Spirit fingers!

Time for the close up!

This was probably the most difficult pattern that I've tackled to date, simply because of the intricacy of the "lace" patterning to create the fish scale motif. I learned the benefit of using a "lifeline" with lace knitting, and on my first attempt, I probably had to unravel the glove three times before I was able to get the pattern down. I'm super happy with the end result, however, so the hard work certainly paid off! I'd definitely be up for making another pair and/or making the socks that inspired the gloves in the first place! I'm not the only one parading about new threads, as Emmy recently found herself in possession of a new t-shirt. Snagged in the kids section of target, I love the look of this shirt on our little girl. If there's a dog who loves clothes, shopping, cupcakes, and BFFs more than Emmy, I've yet to meet her! There was a flouncy pink tutu style skirt that would have complemented this perfectly but I thought that might be going too far, so for now Emmy will have to settle for breaking hearts in a shirt alone!

Who's cuter than Emmy Lou? No one!

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