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17th April
written by Steph
Sorry all for the dearth of updates lately, but real life has been quite the beast lately.  Well, I shouldn't suggest that everything recently has been a burden or a hassle, as we've been kept busy with plenty of fun stuff outside of the toil of our jobs (yes, graduate school counts as a job!).  A quick run-down of the good stuff that's been happening lately:
  • April 10 - Saw Flight of the Conchords live at the Ryman.  It was a great concert, filled with lots of laughs and sexy Kiwi accents (Jemaine, call me!).  Although, it seems that increased practice has actually led to poorer guitar playing on both boys' parts?  Best songs of the night: Carol Brown, Jenny, Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor, Angels, & a special song they did (maybe called Stana?)... Oh and don't forget Business Time!  Really, how can I choose?
  • April 14 - Went out for sushi dinner at our favorite joint (despite being a land-locked state, Nashville has the best sushi I've ever had), Samurai, to belatedly celebrate our engagement with friends (is it ever too late to celebrate)? Yum!
  • April 15 - Celebrated our two year anniversary!
  • April 16 - Saw Demetri Martin perform at TPAC.  He was great live, and we were very impressed with his improv skills.  Also, I liked when he did a short Q&A at the end and talked about the Flight of the Conchords guys for a bit! 😉
  • April 18 - 19 (yes, I'm projecting into the future, now) - taking a road trip south to Chattanooga, where we'll celebrate our anniversary (again?) by visiting the Tennessee aquarium (possible wedding venue?  Hmmmm...), and eating at our favorite riverside restaurant.  Also, we're staying at our first B&B!
Hopefully things will be less hectic when we return... We have a bunch of lovely photos we've taken over the past few weekends around Nashville that we need to get around posting, and Tony has a book review to post.  I have been in a bit of a reading rut lately, but I feel like that's about to change.  To all of you doing Dewey's read-a-thon, good luck and have fun!  Also, if your neck of the woods is experiencing nice weather (as we are here), try to do some of that reading outside!