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7th November
written by Steph
When reading slumps hit these days, I'm always grateful that I have knitting to fall back on to help me feel productive. And with the weather finally dipping into the autumnal range in Nashville of late (some might claim it's even been downright nippy!), I actually have occasion to start wearing knitted items... So it was about time I actually made something for me to wear... It's only taken me 2.5 months and several other completed projects!

Finally a scarf for meeeeee!

Voila my "A little ruffle" scarf, which I knit up in an Alpaca-Silk blend (no itchy wool scarf here!) in a lovely light lilac color! I'm very happy with how it turned out, and I've had several people comment on it, while mentioning how "not homemade" it looks, which pleases me muchly. I abhor the notion of lumpy looking homeknits, and I feel this scarf is sleek and pretty, and save a few flaws that only I notice in the body of it, pretty professional looking (if I do say so myself).

It's Emmy! In a sweater!

Next up: Emmy Lou finally gets her long-promised sweater!!! After botching my first sweater attempt with a misunderstanding regarding puppy measurements, I knew I'd have to make it up to Emmy. At the very least, I knew her winter sweater would have to be ready before our trip to Minnesota at Christmas time. So I picked up a pretty, purple  bulky yarn and spent yesterday knitting her her sweater. That's right, this was a one day knit! I realize it sounds impressive, but super bulky yarns do knit up rather quickly, so I only spent about 6 hours on this baby.  But the time was obviously well worth it, since look how pretty my little girl looks! And the kicker: mother-daughter shot, with us both in our new knits!  Happy Sunday, everyone! Snuggle a puppy (or a kitten) if you can!

The family resemblance is uncanny!