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13th August
written by Steph

A cracking good read!

For years I’ve been hearing about how Three Men in a Boat is the funniest of books, a book that will truly tickle your funny bone. Some have even claimed this might be the funniest English book ever written. Such claims cause ambivalence within me, because I LOVE me some British humor, but I also get worried because I fear that when I finally get on the boat (as it were), I’ll find the item in question only kind of funny rather than a rip-roaring side-splitter. I mean, for all their stiff upper lips, those Brits do dry humor better than pretty much anyone in my book (Blackadder, anyone?), and we all know I fell head over heels for P.G. Wodehouse last year, all to say that any declarations of being the apex of humor are going to come under some pretty harsh scrutiny when I’m the one doing the judging. (more…)
16th February
written by Steph
This isn't the edition I read, although my cover was nearly about as ugly!

This isn't the edition I read, although my cover was about nearly as ugly!

Some of you may have heard of Barbara Pym, but more likely than not, many of you probably haven’t.  This would be in keeping with the fact that she was once named by two separate individuals on the Times Literary Supplement as the most underrated writer of the 20th century (this was back in 1977, when she was still alive and writing, though had spent many of those years in obscurity and incapable of getting her works published).  Often called the Jane Austen of her day for her biting social criticism and wry humor, I felt it was about time for me to get familiar with Ms. Pym.  After all, I’ve previously revealed that even a haphazard comparison to Austen is generally enough to pique my interest. (more…)