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16th January
written by Steph
Better than sitting on a cloud!

Better than sitting on a cloud!

It is probably no surprise that Tony and I have a shortage of book storage space in our current apartment.  Our shelves overfloweth, and we have books unconventionally wedged in every which way in order to keep them off the floor.  Because we rent, we can't put up wall-mounted shelves, and unfortunately we have used up all available space to place larger bookshelves. So really, the Bibliochaise (pictured right) is the PERFECT solution to our problems.  Apparently you can store up to five meters of books in this thing (an interesting way of quantifying books, to be sure), and it also doubles as seating, which we always need more of!  Can you imagine how great it would be to snuggle up in a chair to read, finish your book, only to grab a new one without even having to get up?  This is the stuff that dreams are made of.  My dream version would be the white wood pink leather combo (chocolate brown wood with lime green leather seating comes a close second).  What about you? (You can permute and combine colors by clicking this link.) Alas, it appears the Bibliochaise is only available in Europe, and with a hefty £3,500 pricetag, it's probably just as well and will have to remain a dream.  Tony claims he could construct such a chair of wonder for me, but for now I'll mentally tuck it away with all the other things with which to furnish my dream home.  How great will this look in my home library replete with built-in bookcases (also courtesy of Tony, naturally)?