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24th March
written by Tony
Fare thee well, beast.

Fare thee well, beast.

Yes, we name our cars. So what? Wanna fight about it? Anyway, doesn't everyone name their car? Ahem. It was becoming apparent that getting rid of my former "dream car" was the wise move, based on its declining trade-in value, increasing miles and rather painful repair costs incurred of late. It had new tires and brakes (as well as some other things) so it seemed like the best time to get the most money for it and get into a car that is a little more responsible (in some ways, like gas and maintenance) and a little less... gigantic. I will say this: I did love Urglegrüe, quite a lot actually. She was a blast to drive and was quite possibly the poshest car I'll ever own. So we part ways with a bit of sadness, but also with some happiness, as we love our new car, so, so much. Behold: (more…)