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23rd November
written by Tony
I've got something you can do to yourself...

I can think of something you can do to yourself...

Recently I was wandering through a bookstore when a particular title caught my eye. Now I've seen this book before, and books like it, and every time I do, it kind of makes me want to find the author and use the book to do very illegal things myself (who needs professional criminals these days?). Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for saving money and cutting out the middle man, I mean, I'm a card carrying Sam's Club member. That's essentially a big screw off to traditional grocery stores. There is, however, a difference. It's not the money saving thing I don't like, it's not the personal initiative that bothers me. It's the mentality behind this kind of thing, this populist attitude that shouts "I know the only reason you're a designer is that you can use Photoshop!" Or even "anyone can take wedding photos, they just need a camera like yours, right?" Someone actually said the latter to me at a wedding that I was shooting, for money paid by the person saying it. My ideal response would have been, why have you hired me? Why am I even here if any jackass with a camera can do what I do? My actual response was more along the lines of: "If it were that simple, I don't think I would have gone to school for it." (more…)