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4th March
written by Steph

Now this is good cover art!

After the emotional turmoil of The House of the Spirits, I felt I needed a change of pace.  I wanted a book that was light and somewhat frivolous; a real literary palate cleanser. Y’all know that I like serious, sobering fiction, but I also have a penchant for quirky literary fiction as well.  Something Missing by Matthew Dicks definitely fit the bill! Martin is anything but your run-of-the mill thief.  Rather than lowering himself to the level of odious “smash and grabbers”, Martin cultivates long-standing relationships with his clients, visiting certain households on a fixed schedule and liberating them of certain items that are unlikely to be missed.  This means stocking up on toilet paper, food items, and the occasional bottle of Draino.  Of course, he does nab a few big-ticket items once in a while, but these feats of larceny require months of cautious surveillance and careful planning. Martin attributes much of his success to strictly adhering to a set of rules he’s established for himself, which he refuses to deviate from.  Only, one day while on a job, things don’t go quite as planned and many of his rules fly out the window.  Martin soon finds himself making up new rules as he goes, all in a bid to make the lives of his clients just a little bit better.  After all, seeing how much they’ve given him, it doesn’t seem too much to ask that Martin give a little something back, right? (more…)
12th January
written by Steph
Apparently they never truly saw each other as a sibling...

Dexter? I hardly knew her!

I understand that Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are not actually siblings in real life, but this picture, as well as the fact that they recently got married really gives me the wiggins.  I suppose it’s just a testament to their acting skills that they so convincingly play brother and sister on Dexter. [This is really not surprising, because if you watch Dexter you know that everyone at that show is effing amazing.]  And maybe I’ve been reading a few too many novels this year that have featured incest in some way.  I’ve heard that the smart thing for actors and actresses who get involved with co-stars is to pick one who you have essentially no chance of being paired up with onscreen, so that if things should go awry offscreen, you at least don’t have that awkwardness to face.  Still: <shudder>. I guess this turn of events is better than Michael and Jennifer (really though, aren’t they just “Dexter” and “Deb”?) actually being siblings and then being paired romantically for the show.  Now that would be creepy. [Unrelated, yet I can't help pointing out - Jennifer, that dress is beyond unflattering.  Next time, try to pick something that doesn't look like you've simply wrapped a towel around yourself to keep your lady bits in check.] [Also: WTF is up with Hall specifically, and Dexter in general, being shafted for awards?  Tony & I have watched Mad Men, and it's a great show... but if I had to pick between it and Dexter?  I'm picking Dexter hands down.  And who is Gabriel Byrne and what is this show In Treatment?  Is it something I should be watching?]