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30th November
written by Steph
Having read the book, I get the croquet.... what I don't get is why all the images on the cover are so pixelated!

I get the croquet, but not why all the cover images are so pixelated!

This is a book that I picked up on a whim at McKay’s because it was only $2 and I knew it was by the author better known as Lemony Snicket. I essentially knew absolutely nothing else about it, because rather than a synopsis or a blurb about the book on the back cover, it instead had faux tongue-in-cheek “study questions” (much like those you’d find at the end of a story or piece in a high-school/grade school reader) and praise for the novel from other writers and newspapers. In this case, I felt the type of story The Basic Eight turned out to be really benefited from being shrouded in mystery, because in a way, it was a mystery. (more…)