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19th October
written by Steph

Are you a seasonal reader? When the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to drop from the trees, do you find yourself craving spookier reads? If so, Sharp Objects just might be the book for you. Sharp Objects tells the story of down-on-her-luck reporter, Camille Preaker, whose third-tier newspaper reporting job in Chicago has her returning to her hometown in Missouri, a place full of dark secrets and bad memories that she’d rather leave squarely in her past. Alas, there’s a serial killer on the loose who is targeting young girls, relieving them of their teeth along with their lives… All signs suggest a local is the cause behind the crimes, so Camille has no choice but to start poking around in places that might just reveal that her childhood horrors are far from over… and more deadly than she ever suspected. (more…)
3rd January
written by Tony


Recently, as I was perusing our steadily growing book collection looking for something new to read, I ran into Steph's collection of Oscar Wilde's writing. It is a massive tome, and being someone with a sick penchant for reading thick books, I decided it was time to tackle some Wilde. Reading the book from start to finish (I told Steph it has over 900 pages and she said something along the lines of "you're stupid, why are you reading all of that at once?") the first story I came to was The Picture of Dorian Gray. I'll tell you honestly, it may be a while before you see another book review out of me, as I don't plan on filling our blog with all and sundry Oscar Wilde reviews. Seeing as this is one of his more famous works I decided it would be good fodder for a review. (more…)