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18th June
written by Tony
Despite this poster, the movie isn't scary. At all.

Despite this poster, the movie isn't scary. At all.

The word is out that this movie is better than the first, which was apparently really, really boring. And Tom Hanks had some sort of theological-mullet (theomullet?) going on. Granted, neither of us actually saw the first movie (to our credit, I think) and only Steph has read the first book. So I was essentially a tabula rasa going into this, and that was fine by me. Let’s see, why did we go to this movie in the first place? I think we were looking for a way to drown $14.00 and kill an afternoon with what was described as a movie that was “comically bad.” Let me warn you now: the nature of this review necessitates spoilers. That being said, if you haven’t seen it yet and are here reading this, then forge ahead and save the money. Also, Steph brought a little notebook to take notes so we wouldn’t forget any important details. Before we get to the actual movie, let’s mention some of the high-quality selling that took place during the previews. There was the one for the Jodi Piccoult movie (My Sister’s Keeper) that lead with “Most babies are accidents…” Exactly. Then note #2 says simply “Shia LeBouf=douchebag.” Probably for Transformers 2. “Tyler Perry – I feel bad for all the people who laughed at this.” On with the show! (more…)