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30th December
written by Steph
WTF, Teri Hatcher?!?!

WTF, Teri Hatcher?!?!

I know that Hollywood can be rough for women of a certain age, but I cannot think that the work Teri Hatcher has had done is going to help her get roles.  I mean, sure she's stick thin (she could cut things with her collarbone) and her face is apparently incapable of wrinkling, but when one has so much botox injected into one's face that it is impossible to convey happiness, and one must instead grimace ghoulishly?  Come on.  That's ridiculous.  She looks like she's in pain, and her eyes have gone all wonky.  Do people in L.A. really think that this is a graceful way to age?  Or that women like this look good?  What's even worse is that Hatcher apparently denies that she has ever (never mind currently!) cosmetically altered her face.  Uh, sure, Teri.  She is not nearly so good an actress that anyone is buying that line (perhaps if she could actually, oh, I don't know, EMOTE with her face, that would help matters).  I have seen natural female faces; Hatcher ain't got one. In the end, I realize it's fully her decision to make, but it's really sad that she (and many other actresses) felt this step was necessary or somehow enhances/retains her beauty.  I particularly find it a distasteful move because I know Hatcher has a daughter on the cusp of puberty, and I only wonder what inadvertent pressure her daughter might feel given the unhealthy body image and standards promoted by her mother. She may not be a housewife, but she's got the desperate down pat.