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26th May
written by Steph
Back during my senior year of undergrad, I got into the Ellen Degeneres show in a big way.  Whenever I could catch the show, I would (generally in my pyjamas, if at all possible!).  I loved Ellen's humor and her playful approach to her show, and really, she just came across as a really cool lady.  Her frequent references to drinking didn't hurt either... 😉 We don't have tv currently so I haven't been able to watch Ellen's show for quite some time now, BUT recently, Ellen gave the Commencement speech at Tulane University, and the results have been posted to YouTube.  Some of you may be feeling a bit low having to return back to work after the long weekend, so do yourself a favor and watch the speech below as she lauds the class of 2009.  It's both funny and touching and down to earth.  In essence, it is Ellen at her best. Also, I hope that when I graduate from Vandy that we get a commencement speaker half as cool.  Tulane gets Ellen; Harvard has had JK Rowling...  I realize Jane Austen is right out of the question, but come on,  Vanderbilt! Don't let me down! YouTube Preview Image