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30th December
written by Steph
51y7e623iul__ss400_I received the beautiful special collector’s edition of J.K. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bard from Tony as a Christmas present.  This edition is comprised of a beautiful leather hollow book that contains an ornately silver buckled volume (the cover of which is adorned with a thick silver skull) of the book itself inside.  In addition, prints of the illustrations (all hand drawn by Jo Rowling, herself!)  from the book are tucked away inside the larger book.  As an aside, I’ll mention that due to some terrible bungling on Amazon’s part (I was at home the day this present arrived, and not only did they print “Muggles Beware!  Don’t ship or open until Dec 4!” on the outside of the shipping box, but also the actual title of the book (again, on the OUTSIDE of the box)!), I knew without a shadow of a doubt what one of my gifts would be.  I did not, however, know which version of the book I would get, so at least that mystery remained!  I must say that I am very pleased to add this gorgeous edition to my Harry Potter collection. (more…)