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1st February
written by Tony
So affected.

So affected.

I finally finished this massive doorstop, actually a couple of weeks ago, and am just now getting around to writing my review. I think I am going to keep this brief as my review encompasses around a hundred poems, several plays, several dialogues and a myriad of other written errata. I think it would be more informative if I focus on the general essence of Wilde, rather than specifics. Overall his writing is light, lyrical and mildly obsessed with topics of beauty and hedonism. He is very well written and his language is at times unparalleled. Themes that tend to run through his work are usually centered around the upper crust of English society, the landed gentry so to speak. In general, Wilde seems to have a rather strong disdain for English society and English attitudes. A strong undercurrent of respect for Americans and American ideals seems to ebb and flow through many of his stories. (more…)