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20th January
written by Tony
I made this. Why does that matter? I'll tell you later.

I made this. Why does that matter? I'll tell you later (yes, I did the illustration myself).

This is a post for anyone who is going to or has worked with a designer. However, this is mostly a post dedicated to new and (to use a fine arts term) "naive" designers out there. And also to you experienced designers who haven't stopped to think about some of the things we do every day and why we do (or don't) do them. This is also a post that will touch on how I see the design world changing (briefly - I'm planing another post on where I see design going in the next 10 years) and what I think a good designer needs to know in order to stay relevant. This is going to be a long post. I have been designing for a little while now (going on 4 years as a "professional") and it recently hit me that I may finally know some of what I am talking about when it comes to design. I guess I had one of those moments, moments I assume all brilliant  designers have :), when I realized that my eye for good type and aesthetics has finally matured. The moment occurred when I was looking over some old work a former intern did and I started reading my comments for revisions. He was doing things with the type and layout that I know I did when I was a student and as I looked over my suggested changes I realized that I understood why I suggested them, and it wasn't just rote recitation or arbitrary preference. This lead me to think about design vernacular and realize just how much time and work goes into having a good design vocabulary. It's one thing to know what you should and shouldn't do, but entirely another to understand why. I believe that basic understanding of why is what really informs good design. (more…)