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16th September
written by Steph
In case you haven't burned out on BBAW posts in which we share some our favorite blogs that didn't make the short-list for awards, here's another one!  At first I wasn't sure about whether to post this, because I realized it could be perceived as hurtful to anyone I didn't include.  So I want to be clear that if you're on my blog roll (which I need to, and will, update soon), or I've ever commented on your blog, then I clearly like what you do a good deal.  Also, if you were short-listed, I'm not going to include you on the list, so that we can all give some love to some of the overlooked blogs.  I've enjoyed reading everyone's lists, and have found quite a few blogs I didn't know about as a result, so I thought I'd return the favor and help your Google Readers overflow with all things bookish. (more…)