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14th October
written by Steph

Tiny morsels of food heaven!

Last night Tony and I went to a potluck dinner party held in celebration of our good friend Abby getting another year older. We were designated the hors d’oeuvres portion of the meal (as well as coming up with a suitably commemorative cocktail), and we knew that we needed to concoct something delightfully decadent for the occasion. We rarely host or attend dinner parties that are sufficiently fancy to call for hors d’oeuvres (I mean, just typing the word is trouble enough), but my mind immediately leaped to the idea of dates wrapped in bacon… which was fortuitous, because they happen to be one of Abby’s favorite indulgences! Now pretty much anything wrapped in bacon is going to make for a morsel of deliciousness, but you know Tony and I like to go big or go home, so we decided that we’d add a little something special to these little gustatory parcels to make them really memorable… Hence the addition of blue cheese and walnuts stuffed inside each date prior to being ensconced in bacon. This dish is so simple it almost seems like it doesn’t warrant typing out a recipe. But then again, it is so delicious and delectable, I figured it deserved a post. It only requires four ingredients but they combine to produce culinary magic that tastes far more complicated and satisfying than the effort involved to put these together. You’ll need:
  • Strips of bacon (preferably thick cut, and preferably hickory smoked!)
  • 1 box/container of pitted dates
  • blue cheese crumbles
  • shelled walnuts
1st March
written by Steph
Proudly presenting: The Waffle Melt

Proudly presenting: The Waffle Melt

Lest you think I’m sharing a recipe that merely involves placing an egg on top of two waffles, I shall state flat out that what I’m proposing here is something far more decadent (and delicious!) than that.  I love breakfast, but I rarely indulge in anything more adventurous than a yogurt cup or a banana during the week.  By the time the weekend rolls around, I’m ready to sleep in past 7, and to celebrate with a big breakfast.  Bacon and eggs almost always feature, but sometimes we mix it up and make waffles, sometimes sausage, sometimes omelets, rarely French toast… the point being, Tony & I spend a lot of time “investigating” breakfast foods. This past weekend, we thought it might be nice to go out for brunch (who doesn’t love brunch?), and I started looking into some of our local favorites.  Much to my dismay, I discovered that the one chicken & waffles joint in town shut down in December.  Now, I’m sure for most of you, the sound of a scratching record pervaded your consciousness when you read “chicken & waffles”, but let me tell you, it’s a wonderful combination.  Really, just a terrific mix of savory, crunchy, juicy chicken, and soft, fluffy waffles, served side by side… it’s no stranger than bacon, is it?  The mixture of savory and sweet?  So good. Anyway, devastated that Muddea’s had closed, I realized that having set my cap at that breakfast combo, any other restaurant would bound to disappoint me that morning.  And then, in the depths of my despair, I had the flash of inspiration to do a spin on the traditional savory breakfast sandwiches I sometimes make, this time sandwiching my ingredients between two waffles drizzled with syrup and topped with an egg complete with runny yolk.  This little concoction is all me, and I decided to call it a waffle melt because it made me think of a patty melt.  Really, it’s perhaps most like a croque madame, in which I’ve swapped out bread for waffles.  And I kind of think that automatically makes this even better! (more…)