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15th May
written by Tony
Shh! it's a secret!

Shh! it's a secret!

For most of my adult  life I’ve had a working knowledge of what (or perhaps, more accurately, who) the Scarlet Pimpernel is and how the whole story kind of goes. A dashing, secret, English aristocrat who saves French aristocrats from death at the hands of the over-eager, long oppressed French commoners. All you need to know, right? Actually, yes, it kind of is. But, in a flash of impulsiveness I purchased this volume from that crack-house called McKay’s Used Books. It looked short enough, I had always been a little curious about the actual plot of the story and the book was only $1.50. Win, win, win. It turns out that this particular edition was published at Dalmatian Press which is just down the road from Nashville and the cover was designed by someone I used to work with. Useless trivia over. (more…)