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5th November
written by Steph

If you recall, not that long ago I wrote about how I’m an intuitive reader and I’m all about reading books that suit my mood; I’ve gotta read books at the right time for me.  My experience reading Out Stealing Horses was definitely an example of this.  I’ve been sick since last Tuesday night, and while many of my symptoms have finally been vanquished, I’ve been completely EXHAUSTED the past few days.  Consequently, I haven’t been doing much reading as I’ve just been too tired.  I was in one of those terrible lethargic states where each book I picked up either felt too taxing or simply failed to hold my attention.  I finished my last book on October 24, so you can see that it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve really been able to read anything. I’m not sure what compelled me to pick up Out Stealing Horses as it’s been sitting on our shelves for almost a year (if not more) and it just never felt like the right time.  I was in such a finicky mood – I wanted a book that was engaging and a page turner, but it couldn’t be manic and wild, because my poor brain just couldn’t keep up with any kind of frenetic writing, nor any prose that was too complicated.  I wanted something straightforward that would keep me happily reading so I could forget about how miserable I was feeling physically. (more…)