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28th January
written by Tony
Scary! Grrrrrr?

Scary! Grrrrrr?

We subscribe to Gamefly, which, much like Netflix and movies, allows us to be a little more adventurous (perhaps less selective?) with our gaming choices. That’s why, despite the mountain of poor and neutral reviews that this game received, we decided to go for it anyway. The Battle for Assgrab (as Steph likes to call it) is essentially about a Viking who gets into Freya’s, the Goddess of fur coats (apparently), good graces and gets some nifty powers as her new pet. You fight the evil Horde of Hel, the Goddess of the underworld, and pretty much slash and burn like a good little Viking when and where Freya says so. Your biggest tasks are releasing Viking clans from the Horde’s grasp and summoning dragons to help you and the freed Vikings reclaim your old territory from the Horde. In a lot of (conceptual) ways this game reminds me of Assassin’s Creed, though is much less pretty, polished and engaging. The story is there, certainly, but there isn’t much to motivate you to put on your give-a-crap hat. Let me first say that this game is by no means the best, or really even close to the best, game we have played on the PS3, but it’s one of the few I’ve had the determination to finish in a while, so it gets a review. I’ll start with what the game does not do well and finish on a more positive note, because that makes me happiest right now. (more…)