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10th September
written by Steph

I promise y'all, I am still alive and indeed, I am even still reading (haphazardly) and writing (even more haphazardly!). I've just had so much school stuff to wade through at the moment (did anyone else know that PhD programs are devilishly time-/life-consuming?), that by the end of the day I'm often too exhausted to muster up the energy to read anything above and beyond celebrity gossip websites (If someone wanted to volunteer to weed through my feedreader, which has never been as abundant with unread posts as it is now, I'd love you forever!), and writing is pretty much out of the question. Unless, of course, I'm getting paid some ducats! Money is a powerful motivator after all... It doesn't hurt that the fiction editor over at BookPage also happens to be a good friend, so Trisha lets me comb through the books each month and pick out ones that appeal to me so that I have a halfway decent chance of actually liking the books that I'm reading for them (hurrah for nepotism!). For September, I elected to try Ali Smith's latest novel, There But For The, despite having reviewed one of her books way back when I first started this blog and not having (m)any kind words for it at all. I probably would have been fine living an Ali-Smith-free existence, but her new book did sound intriguing and I quickly flipped through it to make sure it didn't have any poetry before picking it! Thankfully for all of us, I liked There But For The loads more than I did The Accidental, and found it the right kind of quirky with the kind of word games that I could really get behind. It's certainly intellectual and absurd, so it's good that I tackled it before my brain got overloaded by school work and turned to goo, but at the same time, it wasn't a book I felt I had to work at to read so don't let the fact that it's a smart book be a turn-off. After all, I love nothing more than a smart book or a smart woman (hence the PhD program)! For more coherent thoughts on There But For The, check out my full review at BookPage here. Also, I have something like 6 books that I've been meaning to review, only writing has been soooo hard of late. Honestly, using one's brain to think about abstract scientific problems for, like, 50 hours a week is really exhausting. I am going to try my best to get this back-log cleared up as soon as a I can, but please understand that if my posts are less frequent than either of us would like, it's not for lack of love, but really lack of neuronal firing power.