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27th November
written by Steph

Tony's Review

(Steph's review will appear after mine later in this post)
Quantum? Like the physics, right?

Quantum? Like the physics, right?

This past Monday night Steph and I went to see Quantum of Solace, the new Bond flick. After the last movie's blazing success (in our opinion), especially in light of the rest of the Bond series, we were prepared for a a treat. As the day came nearer (all this suspense building actually implies we were waiting with baited breath - we were not. We go to a movie about once every two months) early reviews started to trickle out - the critics were not impressed. Having read all of the Bond books (I mean all of them) in a fit of adolescent obsessiveness, I could see where this flick might have its shortcomings. (more…)